Turkey’s OKA at Roztoky STP


On Tuesday 23 September 2014, Roztoky’s Science and Technology Park welcomed a delegation from Turkey’s Middle Black Sea Development Agency (OKA). This works to develop individual regions in the Black Sea region. Its objective is to take maximum advantage or the resources of individual regions for the benefit of the whole area.

During their planned trip around European incubators, small and medium-sized enterprises, innovation centres, etc., they also visited  Roztoky STP, where they were introduced to our scientific workplaces and the research teams who work in our technology park.

The goal of the visit was to see the research activities in the STP, their possible benefits for the regions in which OKA operates, and mapping out possible future co-operation. The delegation was introduced to research teams from CTU, the Inovacentrum and EATON. STP Manager, Aleš Kopecký subsequently gave them a tour of the research laboratories, introducing them to the facilities.

OKA employs 37 experts of various focus with the long-term objective of improving competitiveness within the regions and between the regions in the Black Sea area.

Any future co-operation would have a positive impact not just on the development of the Turkish party, but would be certain to also bring new knowledge to and increase employment for the Roztoky area.

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