Space for lease

All offices have meeting rooms of various sizes available to them. These rooms are equipped with conference tables with electrical outputs and facilities for projectors to screen presentations and documents dur
Our representative entrance hall with Matelac glazed panelling combined with large-format ceramic floor and wall tiles gives an impression of great elegance sure to impress on the first arrival of you or your p
Our research and development laboratories are located on the first and second storeys above ground and are mainly designed for development in electronics and electrical engineering, software and hardware develo
The 300 m2 of terracing gives a breathtaking impression and you will be blown away by this space right on your first visit. The terrace is accessible from the third floor and it can be used for relaxation, or d
Enclosed smaller spaces with optimal facilities for starting a great career. Incubators are fully equipped offices with 3m high ceilings including furniture from Techo, very high quality Interface Heuga carpeti
An underground car park is available to tenants with a capacity of 65 parking spaces. Our garages are guarded with the latest access system and CCTV. This means you need not worry about security. If the undergr
Fully equipped office space with 3 m ceilings, including furniture from Techo, high-quality Interface Heuga carpeting, acoustic ceilings to eliminate the spread of unwanted noise. Furthermore, each segment has
Modern kitchenettes made from high quality materials and fully equipped with seating and tables. Kitchenettes are always reserved for a particular segment and can be fully used by your employees only. Standard
A spacious cafeteria for 40 people offering a number of types of meals including healthy meals. During warm weather only, you can go through the cafeteria doors to the adjacent roof garden and take lunch in par